Prenatal Physiotherapy

You don't need to have an area of concern to benefit from pregnancy physiotherapy. Receive pregnancy safe treatment techniques to feel blissful at home in your own body, learn strategies to prevent post-natal pelvic floor and musculoskeletal concerns and take time out to connect with your growing baby. 

Pelvic Floor
Preparing your wellbeing for labour and becoming a mother is incredibly important. Research shows that preparing the pelvic floor muscles before and during pregnancy supports better birth outcomes and improved healing rates after delivery (regardless of C-section or vaginal delivery).  Holistic Physiotherapy sessions during pregnancy can assess your pelvic floor technique to ensure it's effectiveness, provide a strengthening / PF relaxation program, and discuss the multitude of ways you can support optimal pelvic floor health including through bowel habits, your diet, sexual health, your workouts and more. 

Back and Pelvic Girdle Pain
The prenatal period can also bring it's own unique musculoskeletal challenges as rapid changes occur to accomodate your growing baby. Eliza has a wealth of experience treating women with pelvic girdle, back and rib pain during pregnancy and uses a variety of modalities to reduce your discomfort including dry needling, pregnancy safe herbal massage creams (or you are welcome to supply your own), a late pregnancy belly pillow so you can comfortably lie face down, and of course, hands on manual therapy infused with warmth and reassurance. 

Eliza feels strongly about empowering women toward effective self-care so should you wish to manage your aches and pains on a daily basis, she also is more than willing to teach you powerful techniques with massage balls and yoga props.

These Holistic Physiotherapy sessions can be an opportunity to bliss out your parasympathetic nervous system in supported silence (because growing a tiny human can be exhausting!) or spend engaged in discussion to learn all you can about your body and how to best support it. In an 90minute initial consultation - there is of course time to sample the best of both worlds. It is your time to receive what it is you need during this incredible stage of your life.