Jen  Taft - @Rebecca Mayne + Eliza Ballard YTT Peru August 2016
"Eliza teaches an adaptable style that is energising, flowing and allows practitioners to take themselves less seriously - to just let go and be totally in the moment."

Jacyln Rose - @Rebecca Mayne + Eliza Ballard YTT Peru August 2016
"Eliza's classes are fun, playful flows to get the heart and body moving. She makes sure everybody feels comfortable in their own yoga practice."

Lauren Barber - @Lauren Rudick YTT Costa Rica June 2016
"I feel very lucky to have been taught by Eliza, both in my personal practice and as a yoga teacher. Her classes are the perfect balance of playfulness, hard work and relaxation and I always felt at ease when in her presence. Eliza made anatomy and alignment easily accessible for me and she was instrumental in helping me become a certified yoga teacher. A source of constant inspiration for me, Eliza is authentic and lives her yoga through and through. I will always be grateful to her for giving me the confidence to find my voice and discover my passion for teaching others.”

Maiah Lawrence - @Lauren Rudick YTT Costa Rica June 2016
"Eliza portrayed professionalism, creativity, grace, precision and style to her classes. I’m honoured to have been a part of her teaching and I’m confident that which anyone who practices with her will feel grateful to gain a piece of insight and wisdom through her knowledge. Thank you Eliza!"

Candace Zwarich - @Banyan Gallagher YTT Costa Rica May 2016
"As a student I felt really lucky to have Eliza as part of my first YTT. Not only did she teach us about the human body and anatomy, but she was there for support, and was such a great role model and teacher to look up to. She made learning anatomy fun and easy, brought it to life through interactive exercises and kept us learning throughout our yoga asana practices. I couldn't imagine the course being the same without her - if you have the chance to learn from Eliza definitely go for it!"  

Stewart Cobley - @AnnaSugarmanYoga YTT Thailand August 2015
"A fascinating tour of the methodology and principles of yoga anatomy and physiology. Easily digestible, fun and comprehensive, the programme gives attendees an essential grounding in the relationship between yoga practice and the human body. This course should be top of the list for both teachers and students wishing to avoid injury and enhance the effectiveness of their practice"

Kristen Aschenbrenner - @AnnaSugarmanYoga YTT Thailand August 2015
"You made anatomy so easy to digest and made me more aware of my own body during my practice. You changed so much for me. Thanks for all of your sage advice."

Kiara Galardi - @AnnaSugarmanYoga YTT Thailnad January 2016
"Eliza makes anatomy easy to understand and fun to learn. Her explanations were comprehensive and really well explained. Her knowledge is fantastic and her passion for what she does shines through in her class. Additionally, I thought her approach to 1:1 physiotherapy was great; having seen many specialists of varying types over the years, she had a fresh approach and it made perfect sense. I would definitely recommend future students to see Eliza!

Bryan Beinke owner of 'Karmony Fitness' - 1:1 physiotherapy client and studio host of Core & Spine workshops Adelaide September 2015
"Eliza has such a unique history, experience and passion that have all combined to allow her to offer a really powerful message within both her workshops and treatment sessions. It’s very rare in this industry to find someone that can combine different philosophies and modalities in their work with the human body…..to me Eliza is most definitely a huge breath of fresh air and a very exciting person to work with. Combined with her down to earth beautiful personality….anyone would be blessed to have the opportunity to work with Eliza."

Kirsty Welsh founder of 'Conscious Movement' - participant Core & Spine workshops Adelaide September 2015 
"Eliza is an absolute whizz when it comes to the human body. She not only understands anatomy, physiology and human movement at a deep level, but is so wonderful and passionate about sharing it in a way that is easily comprehended and applied by others. This girl's got skills!"

Anna Sugarman founder of Anna Sugarman Yoga and host @AnnaSugarmanYoga YTT 200hrs 
"Eliza's dedication to well-rounded wellbeing, her extensive knowledge of anatomy and extraordinary understanding of its relevance to asana practice, along with her empathy for those new to the vast subject, seamlessly combines with her quick wit, brilliant humor and adventurous spirit, as her contagious passion elevates others' capacity to share their yoga.

Her training and experience as a physical therapist and dry needling expert, amongst additional highly honed expertise in the medical field, makes her the 007 of pilates instructors and a gifted yoga leader with the beloved ability to speak from a scientific standpoint, in a spiritual voice. A natural teacher, Eliza is extraordinary with beginners, whilst her ego-less demeanor and honorable character makes her a true teachers' teacher.

Eliza uniquely integrates Western medicine with therapeutic applications of yoga in her lectures to health care professionals and fitness instructors around the world, as well as offers yoga asana and pranayama to students and patients in her care. In classes, workshops, retreats and trainings internationally, she teaches a preventative, healing, nurturing yet fun style of yoga, balancing our intrinsic desire for progress and discovery with our need for safety and self-preservation.

Her students appreciate her clarity and playful confidence as she encourages them to grow with her. Not only has Eliza been a dear friend and incredible healer to me personally, she has increased the value of my teacher trainings exponentially. I am grateful to be able to see my students soar, proud of their ability to teach yoga and of their increased self confidence. I graciously, goldenly attest to Eliza’s outstanding superpowers in the realms of teaching from the heart to the soul, creating playlists with which to rock and melt, drawing divine laughter from darkness, increasing the most sparkling brights, and exceeding all hopes of a dependable partner in teaching, practicing, and playing"